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“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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Being a private music instructor has benefits that most people only DREAM of.....


       -          conveniently work from home & select your own work environment

       -          choose your own hours

       -          set your own price(s) & have virtually LIMITLESS INCOME

       -          little to no pressure (no rehearsing or preparing for large-scale performances and concerts)

       -          be your own boss...pick your salary, hours, days off, curriculum, vacation time, sick leave, etc.



But the BIG PROBLEM is getting students!!



Ask anybody out there who tries to go independent as a private instructor, and they’ll tell you that getting students is a full-time job in itself!  It’s TOUGH!  Not to mention nerve-racking, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE (spending on advertising and marketing is NOT cheap & costs several hundred if not several THOUSAND dollars every month to achieve real results!).


To make matters WORSE....when you invest in your own advertising, you are NOT guaranteed results....  you could spend countless hours and hundreds or even thousands of dollars all for NOTHING! 


And you can’t just sit around and wait for referrals from friends, family, & other network connections.  Networking will not be enough to get the number of students you need to pay bills, buy food & groceries, pay for the car & the house, etc.


But the nightmare isn't over....once you get a student, they often quit, or move, or something else happens that causes them to simply stop taking lessons.  It happens.  It's reality.  It's LIFE.



Bottom Line:


To be a successful private music teacher,

you need a STEADY SUPPLY of fresh new students at all times!!




You may be the best music teacher in the world, but if you can’t get music students, you can’t teach. 


You may have the greatest studio, but if you can’t get students, it doesn't matter!


As a result, sadly many top-quality musicians have been discouraged from sharing the joy of music through private teaching.  This means that a lot of people are left without the chance to develop & grow as thriving musicians, and many musicians (perhaps much like yourself) end up NOT taking full advantage of their musical abilities & income-earning potential.




But there IS a solution to this problem....









Call 209-507-2702 or

Email studentreferrals@ajmusic.org

for a no-pressure interview

& let us start driving students to YOU!





A&J Music Association will invest time (to create, manage, direct, coordinate, maintain, etc.) & money (at least several hundred dollars each calendar month, if not more) in advertising/marketing to recruit private music students from Stockton, CA and surrounding areas such as Lodi, Tracy, Modesto, Sacramento, etc. 


Because we fully invest time & money into advertising, marketing, and music student recruiting  (which comprises easily 90% of what enables a music teacher to succeed), you will NOT need to do anything other than “sit and wait” for A&J to refer students to you.  You just take it easy!  Simply “sit back” and watch as  your student base grows & your income steadily increases - at rates that YOU decide!


Also resulting from A&J’s marketing investments & recruiting is the fact that you do NOT....

       -          have to invest any up-front time and/or money into advertising & marketing

       -          have to recruit &/or pre-screen students, or worry about where & how to get students

       -          have to worry about how to expand a music-teaching business &/or student base

       -          have to worry about creating a “business system” (i.e. student forms, terms, tracking, etc.)... A&J will

              provide all of these for you so that you can efficiently and effectively collect all student information &

              payment needed, and so that everything runs smoothly...A&J will work for you!

       -          have to submit to any teaching philosophy other than your own...pick your own curriculum

       -          have to drive/travel to work...conveniently work from home if you want

       -          have to maintain a physical studio or office...select your own work environment

       -          have to go by anybody’s work schedule other than your own....choose your own hours

       -          have to go by anybody’s set fee schedule other than  your own....set your own price(s)

       -          have to worry about a “boss” you will answer to...you ARE “the boss” (which means you also

              get to decide on your own sick leave and vacation days)


The bottom line is that A&J is helping you grow your student base and increase your income, all with the convenience of letting you dictate your own hours, rates, lesson curriculums, lesson locations,  and even choosing whether you actually want to teach a specific person - YOU are fully in control!


The best part is A&J does this in a way that will fully eliminate the thousands of dollars per year you would normally have to invest & risk up-front to do this, as well as the countless hours of work required to set everything up (negotiating with marketing companies, managing ad campaigns, search engine optimization, recruiting, pre-screening, marketing research, ad designing, etc.).


A&J Music Association asks from you absolutely NO startup or membership fees whatsoever.  None of these “one-time fee” or “registration” or “small startup fee” gimmicks.  You pay NOTHING up-front.       A&J will pay everything up-front for you (time, effort, & money).  You risk NOTHING. 



All that you are asked to do is... 



Be an A&J affiliate - fill out some easy paperwork, then sit back & wait for students to come your way!  When they do, you decide whether you want to work with them or not.  If you do decide to work with someone for private music lessons, you take control as the private music instructor (pick your own curriculums, rates, etc., with LIMITLESS income potential), have the student(s) take a couple of minutes to fill out paperwork, and then teach & get paid by the student(s).  J  A&J gets a small commission percentage of payments made by the music student(s), but the great thing about it is:


       1) YOU get to decide the commission rate, and  2) you risk no money EVER!!!!



With no up-front costs or membership fees, total freedom, & an income with virtually NO LIMITS...     



....you simply CANNOT LOSE.





Call 209-507-2702 or

Email studentreferrals@ajmusic.org

for a no-pressure interview

& let us start driving students to YOU!









“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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