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“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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Take a quick glance at the many benefits of working with A&J Music Association and you will see for yourself why it stands out as the best overall choice:


Flexibility & Convenience with Multiple Options for Lesson Scheduling, Musicians, Teachers, Students, etc.

Ever-Growing Database of Music Teachers/Instructors and Performers

Musician & Instructor Qualifications and Skill Levels Established Through Due Diligence & Personal Interviews

Unsurpassed Marketing/Advertising Coverage utilizing both internet and non-internet sources & methods

Professional Musicians & Teachers NEVER have to pay anything up front to be part of our network, meaning that Your Money is NEVER AT RISK

A MULTITUDE of Professional Musicians & Music Instructors to Choose From

BOTH Teachers & Students Get To Choose Who They Work With

Our system is 100% PERSONAL.....we don't just sit back and let a website do the work...everyone who goes through our system talks to REAL PEOPLE who work closely with every individual to satisfy their needs & desires

One-on-One Teacher-Student Training (Providing Music Students with Instructor's Complete & Undivided Attention)

Fully Customized Lessons Catered Specifically for Each Violin Student

Top-Quality Music Training & Education (Multiple Teaching Approaches including but not limited to Traditional & Suzuki Methods, Ear-Training, Improvisation, Workbooks, Performance Experience, Technical Exercises, Computer & Internet Utilization, and MORE)

Multiple Styles: Classical (fundamental pre-requisite), Improvisation, Irish/Celtic/fiddle, Jazz, and More.

Availability of Music Lessons to ALL Ages & ALL Levels (Beginner to Advanced)

Lessons Created in Conjunction with the Needs, Desires, & Goals of the Student(s)/Parent(s)

Music Training Built on Effectiveness (in Producing Successful Musicians) and Enjoyment (in Providing a Thoroughly Rewarding Experience): Teaching Environment is Fun, Relaxed, & Entertaining; but also Structured, Professional, Challenging, & Effective










“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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