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“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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Looking for a music teacher?  Piano?  Guitar?  Violin?  Voice?  Drums?  Keyboard?  Something Else? 


We can help you! 


Through extensive network and marketing endeavors (massive network connections, phone calls, flyer ads, print advertising such as Yellow Pages, search engine optimization via sites like Google, emails, etc.),    A&J Music Association maintains and constantly grows a database of musicians & music instructors so as to bring these highly qualified professionals in touch with people looking for their services.  Many times a music instructor is also a performing musician, and vice versa. 


All you have to do is simply...





Call 209-507-2702 or

Email contact@ajmusic.org


Let us know what you're looking for

(instrument, skill level, schedule, etc.)

& we'll do everything we can to find

a music teacher/instructor

just for YOU!


Also let us know if you want

lessons via Skype, Zoom, etc.



Virtual Sheet Music - Sheet Music Downloads



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Essentials

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Work From Home (Spare-Time, Part-Time, or Full-Time) As a Virtual Assistant



Essential Survival Guide - Living "Off Grid" and Surviving What's Coming...





“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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