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“It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.”



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A&J Music Association is a comprehensive music network and marketing agency devoted to four (4) primary areas of focus:


        1) Helping People find Music Teachers/Instructors

        2) Helping People find Musicians (i.e. to Perform for Weddings, Funerals, Special Events, etc.)

        3) Helping Music Teachers/Instructors find Students

        4) Helping Musicians find Performances/Gigs


The list above could actually be divided into two categories:

        1) Music Professionals (Teachers/Instructors & Performers)

        2) Those in Need of Their Services


Through extensive network and marketing endeavors (massive network connections, phone calls, flyer ads, print advertising such as Yellow Pages, search engine optimization via sites like Google, emails, etc.),    A&J Music Association maintains and constantly grows a database of musicians & music instructors so as to bring these highly qualified professionals in touch with people looking for their services.  Many times         a music instructor is also a performing musician, and vice versa.


Our services have arisen mainly due to the ever increasing need of such network and marketing campaigns.  Too often is it the case that a highly qualified teacher or performer does not have students or gigs simply because they lack the appropriate marketing resources.  And on the flip side of the coin, a far too frequent occurrence is that many people in need of professional music services find themselves at a loss, since when they search for the appropriate musicians &/or instructors, their options are few if any. 


A&J Music Association exists as a resource for people to use with regard to professional music services.  And although we can't "guarantee" we'll find you what you're looking for, we will definitely do our very best.


After all....it's about MORE than music....it's about YOU.  :)







It's About MORE Than Music....It's About YOU.



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